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Golden State Mint TAC, Whats New at the Mint
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Golden State Mint TAC, Whats New at the Mint

Coins and medallions made from Pewter, not what it use to be

Have you considered Pewter for your custom coins or custom medallions? Pewter has come a long way in the medallion world.

In the past, using pewter meant a host of problems when fabricating medallions, more times than not, it was to gummy and dirty from start to finish. From Pewter Custom Coins at Golden State Mint TAC Inc 714 879 6595creating the blanks to the final strike, and not always being the prettiest of coins. Thankfully, times have changed and so has the pewter being used for custom coin and medallion minting..

Being requested quite regularly, pewter is now taking the place of silver toned coins and medallions. The finish product is brilliant, shiny, and well worth another look.

Golden State Mint Coins "Happy Father's Day" illustrated beautifully in Proof-Like Mirror Finish Pewter.

Considering pewter for your custom coin project, we would be happy to provide more information
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Ringing in the New Year at Golden State Mint Coins. New designs sure to quickly become favorites for collectors.

Bull and Bear Stock Market Coins, new design beautifully designed and sculpted by Heidi Wastweet, renowned medallic sculptor. Designed exclusively for Golden State Mint TAC Inc by Ms. Wastweet, her inspiration coming from a trip to Wall Street in 2011.

Available in .999 Fine Silver, Copper, Bronze, Pewter, and Gold Clad. One of our most exquisite designs yet.
                                                                                     Golden State Mint Coins Stock Market Coins

                              Stock Market Flip Coin at Golden State Mint Coins

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Jefferson Rounds has made their Jeffersonian Coins available to you, for individual and bulk purchase, at Golden State Mint Coins.

Jefferson Rounds at Golden State Mint Coins
The Jefferson Round mission statement is clear: "To empower fellow Jeffersonians with an enduring demonstration of Jefferson spirit"
Visit for more information on the idea behind the Jefferson Rounds coins and for Jefferson Rounds participating Barter locations and businesses.

Visit to purchase your Jefferson Rounds today.

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