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Sobriety Coins, AA Coins, Anniversary Products available at Golden State Mint TAC Inc
Celebrating 28 Years of Coining History

Golden State Mint TAC offers its own custom Sobriety Coin products as well traditional AA Coins
The New generation of anniversary coins & recovery medallions, available for retail and wholesale purchasing

                                           AA Coins at Godlen State Mint Coins Sweetheart Pink Sparkle             AA Coins at Golden State Mint Coins Patriotic Sparkle                AA Coins at Golden State Mint Coins Ocean Blue
Golden State Mint TAC Inc., in partnership with
Bex Engraving & Mint, has created the alpha numeric Sobriety Coin & Recovery Medallion series.

The history of our alpha numeric Sobriety & Recovery coins started 10 Years ago with an idea: "Let's make an anniversary coin that is easy to read and is better quality than what is currently available in the Recovery Coin marketplace".. Created by our partners, who share in sobriety, our alpha numeric designs are quickly becoming the favorite among Central offices, Meeting Halls, and Individuals alike... 

The New generation of anniversary coins & recovery medallions. Visit our store AA Recovery Coins Store  for available stock colors and years. Offering 1 though 30 years, in numerous custom color combinations. 

Looking for a custom recovery coins your company, or center, would like to call its own? Want something different than all the others? We can create any custom color combination and design. Contact us with your idea and vision, you will be happy with the results.

Contact us about our bulk, wholesale options. GSMCoin's Alpha Numeric Sobriety Coins in Years 1 through 30, available in several Tri-Plate custom color combinations, non-painted, and traditional anniversary styles. Offering a wide variety of Sobriety/Recovery Coins, Key Chains, Bracelets, Sober30 Apparel, and Packaging Options.

Contact our Sales Department with your requests...

                                              714) 879.6595

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